Negative Balance Protection

Negative Protection Policy

System is set automatically to protect your account go below zero

Negative balance protection

Negative balance protection is a special feature that is offered by RightFX to protect our clients from incurring a negative balance on their accounts. This can happen when the value of our client's account falls below zero due to adverse market conditions or other circumstances. Negative balance protection ensures that our client's account balance cannot go below zero, so they will not owe RightFX any additional money. This can provide peace of mind to our traders, especially those who are new to trading and may not be fully familiar with the risks involved.Our system is set automatically to make your account at zero if your loss goes below your investment.

Negative Balance Protection
Negative Balance Protection
No loss below  your deposit
No loss below your deposit
Your balance becomes automatically zero

Negative balance protection is a feature that is designed to protect our traders from owing more money to us than they have in their accounts. This can happen if a trade goes against the trader and the losses exceed the amount of money in the account.

Always set stop loss
Use leverage smartly
Always take small lot sizes

Negative balance protection works by automatically closing out the trader's positions when their account balance reaches zero, preventing the balance from going into negative territory. This means that the trader cannot lose more money than they have in their account.


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